Episode 003 – July 18 Council Mtg Summary; Peak City Podcast’s Shane Reese (Part One); July 1976 Newspaper Articles

Today on Episode #3 of the Apex Roundup Podcast it’s my Hot July Special.


In this episode, I’ve rounded up for you…

  1. Some Interesting articles from Late July 1976 Western Wake Herald
    • what happens when a snake gets near electricity
    • the state of our Apex Lake back when it was our water supply
    • how the Skippers building got built
    • where to feed the whole family at a buck 99 all you can eat buffet
  2. Part 1 of my interview with Apex High School graduate, businessman and fellow podcaster (of the Peak City Podcast), Shane Reese
    • find out why Shane chose to raise his family in Apex
    • why his started his podcast and how learned about recording audio
    • his tips on how to blend into a friendly North Carolina town
  3. Meeting Updates from the July 18th Apex Town Council meeting
    • public hearings that took place
    • rezoning requests for development
    • site plan submissions that show where the buildings and streets will go

All this, stampeding your way right now!

[Music: Two Seater Medium]


Jumping into podcasting with both boots, I’m your voice for Apex, your source for local news and information, bringing you the best of interesting people in town and the workings of your municipal government. Your preferred replacement for print media, I am your host, Lance Olive.
And since we’re both new here, let’s recap why we’re here today.
Apex used to have a local newspaper, the Apex News Herald, renamed to the Western Wake Herald, then the Apex Herald. They folded in twenty thirteen and left the coverage to the big boys at the Cary News and Raleigh’s News and Observer. Within the past year, they’ve all pulled out. They don’t cover local news anymore. They’ve left us all with just social media to share amongst ourselves.
And while this provided OK coverage for the issues that got the most attention, the reports often were one-sided, depending on who had which burr under their saddle. And then it occurred to me, I get around town as much as anyone, and I’m at every town council meeting, I’m at most of the ribbon cuttings, I visit a lot of our retailers. I might as well share with y’all what’s happening.
Thirty minutes, twice a month, I round up the stories, the decisions and the opinions, and share them with you.
You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes and Google. Just search for Apex Roundup with Lance Olive.
Apex Roundup from July 18th meeting
Earlier this week I met with Shane Reese to understand his story. Here is Part One of my interview with Apex High School graduate, local businessman, husband, father of three, and host of the Peak City Podcast.
In this segment, I have some old news from the Western Wake Herald from July 22 and July 29, 1976. I found this fun, remembering old times, and I thought that the majority of you Apexians would find this sort of thing interesting.
As a reminder, we were a town of just 3,000 residents back then.
That’s a wrap on bringing you old news from Apex, via the Western Wake Herald, from Late July 1976.
Thanks for joining me today for the the third episode of the Apex Roundup Podcast. Today I gave you the updates from the July 18th Apex town council meeting, followed by Part One of my interview with Apex High School graduate, Apex businessman, father of three under the age of seven, and fellow podcaster, Shane Reese, and finally, I shared with you some of the old news from Apex’s local newspaper from July 1976.
I’m Lance Olive and I bring you a half hour of Apex news and information, twice a month. You’ll also hear the stories of interesting local citizens and I’ll catch you up on the municipal government updates from the town of Apex, North Carolina.
Join me for the next episode of the Apex Roundup podcast where I’ll have Part Two of my interview with Shane Reese, I’ll have updates from the August 1st town council meeting and I’ll blog on one of these topics, I’m having a hard time deciding, going to the dentist, watching the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (that’s a soccer team in England) play Manchester City in Nashville, Tennessee, or what it’s like to be married to a world traveller.
You can find me on the web at Apex Roundup dot com, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Just search for Apex Roundup.
I’d also like to hear from you. Offer me your opinions. Ask me questions. Give me comments. Just go to the website and there are several ways you can send me a message.
Thanks for joining me on this episode today, and until the next roundup… Happy Trails!

One thought on “Episode 003 – July 18 Council Mtg Summary; Peak City Podcast’s Shane Reese (Part One); July 1976 Newspaper Articles

  1. I’ve been enjoying the podcast!

    I vote for blogging snout being married to a world traveler. It’s an interesting juxtaposition between growing up in Apex and be omitted mayor versus traveling the world.


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