Episode 011 – Shortest Meeting Ever; Amy Simon (Part Two); An Instant Chasm

Episode #011 of the Apex Roundup Podcast. It’s the “Shortest Meeting Ever” special!

Lance Olive presents Steve Nelson the proclamation for Apex GIS Day.

In this episode, I’ve rounded up for you…

  1. My thoughts on what might happen with a partisan town council.
  2. Part two of my interview with model and actress, Amy Simon.
  3. And the agenda from the shortest town council meeting since I’ve been mayor.

All coming your way. Right now.

Jumping into podcasting with both boots, I’m Lance Olive, host of the Apex Roundup Podcast. I’m glad you’re here with me right now. My goal is to bring you the news of Apex that the print media no longer covers. The Apex Herald? They folded in 2013. The Southwest Wake insert to the News & Observer? They’ve gone foodie. It’s not even news. And even social media posts almost never present both sides of the story.

That’s why I’m here. Thirty minutes, twice a month, I round up the stories, the decisions and the opinions, and I share ’em with you.

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Council Updates
Bam! Let’s get started, shall we?

The Apex Town Council met on November 7, at 7:00pm to hold its first regularly scheduled meeting of the month at town hall. All council members were present. There were 2 presentations, 14 items on consent, public forum and 1 public hearing rescheduled. There was also a closed session item.

The first presentation was by Roy Jones, CEO of ElectriCities of North Carolina, a membership organization comprised of public power communities, such as Apex. He recognized Apex’s 100 years operating an electric utility service.

The second presentation was a proclamation I made to Steve Nelson, the GIS Administrator, recognizing Apex GIS day.

Consent agenda passed unanimously.

One person spoke during public forum.

Public Hearing #1, Annexation #615, was unanimously voted to be rescheduled to November 21.

Council went into closed session at 7:13pm to receive an update from the town attorney on a legal matter.

The meeting formally adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Possibly the shortest meeting ever.


The content of this podcast is proudly produced in Apex, North Carolina. By listening to it, you agree to hold me harmless for anything I say here. Although I am indeed the mayor, the opinions expressed by me are my own. All information shared on this podcast is already public record. This podcast is a private venture and no public or campaign money was used in its production. Make decisions by doing your own research, because I’m just here for your entertainment. This disclaimer may have been hacked by a Russian lawyer.


In this episode I continue my interview with Amy Simon, Apex resident, model and actress. If you missed part one, you can pause here and go back to listen to episode 010. Don’t worry, I’ll wait here for you.


Sponsor statement

But first, this episode is sponsored by Time 2 Go Travel, featuring group trips for home school families, girl scouts and more. Time 2 Go Travel is now developing a Concierge Trip to Ireland, where someone else plans all the logistics of the trip and takes you and your friends to at least five cities in Ireland. Learn and have fun while someone else does the hard work to make your Irish dream trip come true. All you have to do is pack and meet the group at the airport. To learn more about this concierge trip to Ireland, go to Time 2 Go Travel’s website at t2gt.com. That’s T, the number two, G T dot com. If you book the trip and use the promo code “APEXROUNDUP”, you’ll receive $100 off the cost of the trip.

Here’s how the rest of my conversation with Amy Simon went.


Amy tells us about working as a model, commercial actress and voiceover artist. Life as a single mother has its challenges, but she and her daughter have adjusted. She likes shopping at TJ Maxx and dining at Sushi Iwa. Learn more about her at https://www.amysimon.tv , and she is available for additional work.

That concludes my interview with model and actress, Amy Simon. On the next episode of the Apex Roundup Podcast, I’ll have a new interview from another amazing Apexian.


Read the text by clicking here: The Partisan Town Council — An Instant Chasm


Hey! Thanks for joining me today for the 11th episode of the Apex Roundup Podcast.

Today I brought you updates from the November 7th Apex Town Council meeting, the shortest meeting since I’ve been mayor. If you want to review the show notes for this episode, point your web browser to apex roundup dot com slash 011 and you’ll be able to scroll down to read this entire episode.

Next episode I’ll be share the happenings of the Apex town council meeting for November 21st. I’ll also have the first half of another great interview with an Apex resident or business owner. So subscribe to the podcast and make sure you don’t miss it.

You can find this podcast on the web at Apex Roundup dot com and subscribe in iTunes and Google Play. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook (@apexroundup).


Hey. What’s on YOUR mind? Do you have an opinion to share? Got any questions related to Apex? Go to Apex Roundup dot com slash contact and you can find multiple ways to get in touch with me.

I’m so glad you listened all the way to the end with me today. Until the next roundup… Happy Trails!


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