Episode 013 – Arbor Day; Ewan Pritchard (pt.2); Swan Song Swearing

Episode #013 of the Apex Roundup Podcast. It’s the “Swan Song” special!

Arbor Day 2017 Wide
Mayor Lance Olive declares December 13th, 2017 as Arbor Day in Apex

In this episode, I’ve rounded up for you…

  1. The swan song of a council member
  2. Part 2 of my interview with Dr. Ewan Pritchard, Assistant Director for FREEDM Center at NC State University
  3. And we’ll kick if off with updates from the December 5th town council meeting.

All coming your way. Right now.

Jumping into podcasting with both boots, I’m Lance Olive, host of the Apex Roundup Podcast. I’m glad you’re here with me right now. My goal is to bring you the news of Apex that the print media no longer covers. The Apex Herald? They folded in 2013. The Southwest Wake insert to the News & Observer? They’ve gone foodie. It’s not news, and it’s not local. And even social media posts don’t give you an unbiased view.

That’s why I’m here. Thirty minutes, twice a month, I round up the stories, the decisions and the opinions, and I share ’em with you.

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Council Updates
Slamming! Let’s get started, shall we?

The Apex Town Council met on December 5th, at 7:00pm to hold its first regularly scheduled meeting of the month at town hall. All council members were present. On the agenda, there was 1 presentation, 9 consent agenda items, 3 public hearings scheduled, and an organization meeting that included 1 new business item.

Arbor Day 2017
David Wood receives the Arbor Day 2017 Proclamation

Presentation #1 was a proclamation for Arbor Day 2017 to be observed in Apex on December 13th, commemorated by the planting of a tree at the town hall campus.

The consent agenda passed unanimously.

During the public forum, Steve Swamp thanked the council for their efforts during the West Village project proposal.


Additionally, Mr. J.C. Knowles, Apex Ambassador, thanked the outgoing council members, Gene Schulze and Denise Wilkie.


The three public hearings were reset to be heard on December 15th.

This concluded the work of this council.

Following a brief recess. the council began organizational proceedings to recognize the outgoing members, and swear in the new members.

Gene Schulze was first recognized for his 16 years of service on the Apex town council.

Denise Wilkie was then recognized for her 4 years of service on the Apex town council.

Then Nicole Dozier was sworn in for her second term.

And Audra Killingsworth was sworn in for her first term.

Lastly, Brett Gantt was sworn in for his first term.


The council then chose amongst themselves their mayor pro tem, Nicole Dozier.

As the last organizational component, council members were appointed to committees and assigned to be liaisons to external organizations.

  • Committees
    • Planning: Jensen (Chair), Gantt (Member)
    • Environmental: Dozier (Chair), Gantt (Member)
    • Parks, Recreation, Cultural Resources: Moyer (Chair), Killingsworth (Member)
    • Economic Development: Jensen (Chair), Olive (Member)
    • Personnel: Dozier (Chair), Moyer (Member)
    • Finance: Olive (Chair), Killingsworth (Member)
  • Liaisons
    • Downtown Business Association: Moyer (Primary), Killingsworth (Alternate)
    • Apex Chamber of Commerce: Olive (Primary), Dozier (Alternate)
    • Triangle J Council of Governments: Gantt (Primary), Killingsworth (Alternate)
    • NC CAMPO Executive Board: Olive (Primary), Jensen (Alternate)

For the first business item assigned to this council, the group reviewed the meeting schedule for the next two years, made a couple of minor adjustments (notably cancelling the meetings that would normally take place during the week of July 4th, and avoiding having a meeting on municipal election day), and approved the schedule unanimously.

The council adjourned at approximately 8:07 pm.


The content of this podcast is proudly produced in Apex, North Carolina. By listening to it, you agree to hold me harmless for anything I say here. Although I am indeed the mayor, the opinions expressed by me are my own. All information shared on this podcast is already public record. This podcast is a private venture and no public or campaign money was used in its production. Make decisions by doing your own research, because I’m just here for your entertainment. This disclaimer is based on lawyer advice obtained for free.


In this episode I continue my interview with Dr. Ewan Pritchard, Apex resident and Assistant Director of the FREEDM Technology Center at North Carolina State University.

But first, this episode is sponsored by Time 2 Go Travel, featuring group trips for home school families and girl scouts. Time 2 Go Travel is now developing a Concierge Trip to Ireland. Someone else plans the logistics and takes you and your friends to six cities in Ireland. Learn and have fun while someone else does the hard work to make your Irish dream trip come true. All you have to do is pack, and meet the group at the airport. To learn more about this concierge trip to Ireland, go to Time 2 Go Travel’s website at t2gt.com. That’s T, the number two, G T dot com. If you book the trip and use the promo code “APEXROUNDUP”, you’ll receive $100 off the cost of the trip.

Here’s how the second half of my conversation with Ewan Pritchard went.



Ewan talks about his goals of getting caught up with the maintenance projects on his 1912-built home just a block away from the Halle Cultural Center. He plans to make some upgrades as he fights off the squirrels making a habitat of his house.

In five years he hopes to do more volunteer work and maybe start a business using “transactive energy”. In fifteen years, he plans to retire in place (his house is not for sale). The Christmas parade goes past his house every year, and he occasionally deals with trash being tossed over his front yard fence.

He used to have a pickup truck, he can’t cycle to NCSU because it’s too dangerous (2% of drivers are actively aggressive to cyclists). But when he did cycle to NCSU, taking Old US #1 connects the downtowns of Apex, Cary and Raleigh. He has also tried biking to the bus stop and taking the bus to Raleigh.

We discuss bus rapid transit as part of the Wake County Transit Plan, including considering an Apex loop. Ewan is working with an electric taxi company that has installations in Austin, TX.

Ewan answers the “magic wand” question by saying he would get CSX out of Apex and replace it with a light rail stop to help move people in and out of Apex. We learn the word “catenary” for the hanging (or dangling) cables for electricity. He also would love for us to consider more tunnels for people to cross highways and other major roads. The NC55 widening plan may get funded in the next few years.

C Block
There is a place where legend, myth and truth are blurred, where a proverb was believed that swans didn’t make much noise until just before they died, then they sing  enthusiastically right up until the end. The Greek philosopher, Plato, recorded the words of his mentor, Socrates, as saying, “although swans sing in early life, they do not do so as beautifully as before they die.” The swan song was a major gesture — an effort to literally end things on a high note.

In the December 5th, 2017, town council meeting, the two outgoing council members in Apex each had their opportunity to perform their own swan song. And I’m going to share those with you now. These are edited for brevity.

First, the recognition of outgoing council member Gene Schulze, followed by his statement.


And second, the recognition of outgoing council member Denise Wilkie, followed by her statement.


My favorite reference to the swan’s singing to the end is in William Shakespeare’s Othello, when sweet Emilia is stabbed by her murderous husband, Iago. She declares that she will reveal the truth with her dying words, like a swan. “What did thy song bode, lady? Hark, canst thou hear me? I will play the swan and die in music. Moor, she was chaste, she loved thee, cruel Moor. So come my soul to bliss, as I speak true. So speaking as I think, alas, I die.”

But in death, there is also life that replaces it. We have two new members on the council. And one re-elected one.

For the swearing in ceremonies, each newly elected official, Nicole Dozier, Audra Killingsworth and Brett Gantt came up for their oath of office. These were administered by Apex Town Clerk Donna Hosch, Wake County District Court Judge Sam Hamadani and Apex Mayor Lance Olive (yours truly) respectively.

The oath consisted of two parts. First the North Carolina portion and then the very redundant United States of America portion, so I’ve omitted that. Also, the oaths were edited to remove the administrator’s voice, so you hear only the oath of the newly elected council member.

Since they were standing in the empty space between the public podium and the council’s dais, the audio is a bit difficult. I’ve cleaned it up the best I can.


So the past swans have sung, and the new swans have arrived. May they listen, learn and serve the citizens of Apex well, so they also have a worthy song to sing when their time comes.


Hey! Thanks for joining me today for the 13th episode of the Apex Roundup Podcast.

Today I brought you updates from the December 5th, 2017 Apex Town Council meeting, including the exit of council members Schulze and Wilkie. If you want to review the show notes for this episode, point your web browser to apex roundup dot com slash 013 and you’ll be able to scroll down to read this entire episode.

Next episode I’ll be sharing the happenings of the Apex town council meeting for December 19th, which will be the new council’s first full meeting. I’ll also have a new interview for you… Jacques Gilbert, Apex resident and police captain. So subscribe to the podcast and make sure you don’t miss it.

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I’m so glad you listened all the way to the end with me today. You get 5 shiny coins! Until the next roundup… Happy Trails!

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